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Radically Open DBT is an evidence-based treatment targeting a range of disorders characterized by excessive self control.  Clients that have benefited from RODBT report social anxiety, panic, controlling behaviors, avoidance of confrontation, stubbornness/rigidity, difficulty working in groups, and feeling overwhelmed with seemingly simple tasks.

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RODBT suggests that there are three core features involved in emotional well being:

1.  Receptivity and Openness to new experience and disconfirming feedback in order to learn.

2.  Flexible-control in order to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

3.  Intimacy and social-connectedness (with at least one other person) based on premises that species survival required capacities to form long-lasting bonds and work in groups or tribes

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Watch treatment developer Dr. Thomas Lynch explain why we need a new treatment for people with too much self control.

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Listen to a podcast by Dr. David Maynard to find out if RODBT might be helpful for you.

RODBT: Resources
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